News | Update December 27, 2020

Conti sustains dislocated collarbone in training crash

Italian ruled out for three weeks after collision with vehicle

Valerio Conti will be out of action for up to three weeks after sustaining a dislocated collarbone.
The 27 year old was out training near his home in Monaco when he collided with a wall after being struck from behind by a motorist.
Conti was training alone at the time of the accident when a passing cyclist alerted the emergency services and ambulance arrived on the scene shortly after.


UAE Team Emirates doctor Michele De GrandiX-Rays at the hospital in Nice showed a 2nd degree dislocation of the clavicle and it was decided that surgery was not required. Valerio will be off the road for 3 weeks but should be able to resume indoor training in the coming days.