Anass Ait El Abdia

Nationality: Marocco

Hometown: Casablanca (Morocco)

Date of birth: 21/03/1993

From Morocco to World cycling’s elite; Anass’ life has been a journey. Slowly but surely, he has improved his skills and carved out an important place for himself in the cycling sphere.

Height 180 cm
Weight 68 kg
Debut on bike 2008
Pro since 2014
Victories 4
Vuelta a Espana 1
World Tour ranking position 319
World Tour ranking points 10

Ait el Abdia’s story started with carefree bike rides along the streets of Casablanca. He rode his first race at the age of 12, when he participated in an amateur competition in Marrakesh in 2007.

From there Anass went on to amass numerous victories, until he achieved a pivotal success: in the 2014 Tour de Morocco he won the stage with arrival in Tinghir, on the Atlas Mountains, capturing the attention of officials from the UCI World Cycling Center.

He spent two years at the UCI Center in Aigle (Switzerland) honing his skills and managing to achieve two goals that he had set his hopes on since he was a teenage rider: to participate in the Olympics (Rio 2016) as well as the World Championships (Doha 2016).
He made it to the finish line for the World Championship race in the first group, classifying in 22nd place.

He is the only cyclist in his family.

General class. Tour du Maroc

Moroccan championship

Challenge du Prince

Stage Tour du Maroc: Tinghir