Simone Consonni

Nationality: Italy

Hometown: Ponte San Pietro (Italy)

Date of birth: 12/09/1994

This new Italian talent is impressive on the road, but also on the track.
Consonni is one of the leading figures in a new class of Italian riders who are able to compete at high levels in both sports.

Height 176 cm
Weight 71 kg
Debut on bike 2004
Pro since 2017
Victories 1
Giro d'Italia 1
Vuelta a Espana 1
World Tour ranking position 337
World Tour ranking points 7

As a kid he played football, but he fell in love with cycling when he went to watch a friend ride in a race.

That day he decided to try riding and he had a blast, so he continued cycling, although he was only doing it for fun. However, as he continued achieving results, cycling eventually became his job.

He loves bikes, but he also found love on a bike: his girlfriend Alice is an ex-cyclist and bicycles have become a family affair because Simone’s sister, Chiara, is also a cyclist.

The most exciting moment in his career was when the Italian National team’s Technical Manager phoned to tell him he would be participating in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Simone was dumbstruck and had to pass the phone to his roommate, Ganna.

Stage Tour of Slovenia: Murska Sobota

He joined the team

Italian championship Under23