Edward Ravasi

Nationality: Italy

Hometown: Varese (Italy)

Date of birth: 05/06/1994

Edward came to cycling by chance. His father was looking for a sport that would keep his son active and he took him to a cycling race: it was love at first sight!

Height 181 cm
Weight 61 kg
Debut on bike 2001
Pro since 2017
Giro d'Italia 1
Vuelta a Espana 1

Edward’s first racing experience involved a misunderstanding. The recon lap was underway, but Ravasi thought it was already the race, so he started pedalling furiously and he fell on a curve.

After that unfortunate episode, things got better and his passion for cycling prevailed, leading Edward to great achievements, like second place in the 2016 Tour de l'Avenir.

Ravasi lives with his parents in Besnate (Varese), where he spends his free time enjoying the countryside surrounding his house, which is a sort of animal farm.

His name might sound English, but it actually comes from the pronunciation of the name Eduardo in the local dialect spoken in the area where Edward was born and lives