Oliviero Troia

Nationality: Italy

Hometown: Bordighera (Italy

Date of birth: 01/09/1994

His friends were fundamental in getting Oliviero interested in cycling, and he always thinks of them when his cycling career offers a few hours off.

Height 191 cm
Weight 80 kg
Debut on bike 2002
Pro since 2017
Tour de France 1
Vuelta a Espana 1

Once upon a time, along the beautiful shores of Liguria, there lived a chubby little kid who decided to lose some weight.
It was in the hot summer of 2002, that he joined his friend on a bike ride. From that moment on he never left the saddle, abandoning his childhood passions for football and basketball to pursue his newfound love.

Oliviero inherited an interest for flowers from his parents.

His mother and father manage a floricultural business in Troia, and he really likes to lend a hand in seeding, planting, growing and selling flowers.