News | Team | Training and performances March 24, 2019

Surgery forces Fabio Aru out of competition

The Sardinian cyclist forced to renounce the Volta a Catalunya & the Giro d'Italia

Recent thorough examinations showed Fabio Aru has a constriction of the iliac artery in his left leg that prevents an adequate blood supply during when trying to make a maximum effort. This problem and resulting drop in power during the Sardinian’s most intense efforts limited his performances.


“After the start of the season, Aru again encountered difficulties in getting up to that normal level that he and the team had hoped for,” Dr. Jeroen Swart, head of the medical staff of UAE Team Emirates, explained. “Recently, Fabio developed more specific symptoms related to his left leg: he felt feelings of weakness in the limb after intense training and in race efforts.


“In view of these symptoms, further medical tests have shown a constriction of the iliac artery in his left leg. This relatively rare condition is found in professional cyclists given the position adopted on their bikes and can develop progressively over a period of several years.


“In the coming days, with a date to be determined based on the availability of the hospital, Aru will undergo angioplasty surgery at the Nuovo Ospedale di Prato, after which he will have to observe an absolute rest period of one month. For something like this, the return time is estimated at three or four months.”


“It is a feeling that I feel when I have to go all-out, while the symptom disappears at a medium pace, so much so that in training I get the basic numbers,” said Fabio Aru.


“From a certain point of view, I can only be relieved to have found the problem; on the other hand, I am angry about the bad luck that has fallen on me for the umpteenth time and that will force me to miss the Giro d’Italia again. I will work to try to put an end to this dark period as soon as possible.


“I thank the team for the closeness shown this year and a half and for working with me to find the solution to the problems that have plagued me. We really hope this is the final chapter.”