News | UAE Tour March 1, 2020

Team will remain in the UAE as precaution

Despite being given the green light to travel home and the last tests carried out coming back negative, our team has decided to extend their stay in the UAE to continue testing everyone’s conditions and go home only with the safety of non-contagion.


In the context of this global emergency, the main goal is the safety of all of us and our family members.


In light of some known cases of flu within our group and other teams, we will be tested again in the next few days and once the situation has improved, riders and staff will return to their families.


The support of our sponsors, in this moment of worldwide difficulty, has been fundamental.


Our team cares more about the health of our athletes and staff than race results, and we are well aware that extending our stay in isolation will hamper our sporting ambitions in view of the upcoming events.


Until yesterday we have followed the instructions of the relevant authorities and organizers, while today we have decided autonomously to pursue our own measures.


Our hope is to return home as soon as possible with a clear situation.