News | Team March 6, 2019

UAE Team Emirates’ hashtags for the 2019 season: #ridetogether and #yearoftolerance

The two hashtags #ridetogether and #yearoftolerance will characterise the communication of the UAE Team Emirates for the rest of 2019.


With #ridetogether, the Emirate team has chosen to convey a message based on inclusion, underlining the particular basis of the project behind the WorldTour team: the bicycle element to inspire and unite people, in the United Arab Emirates and beyond, and to share a healthy and active lifestyle linked to cycling.


Everyone can identify with the UAE Team Emirates. The team can inspire a community to pedal together, #ridetogether, towards the finish line that everyone wants to reach, whether the goal is competitive or related to prevention and better health conditions or if it is expanding social relationships.


#yearoftolerance refers to the choice of the Emirate Government to dedicate 2019 to tolerance, one of the principles that guided Sheikh Zayed in the founding of the United Arab Emirates. The Year of Tolerance will be celebrated in the UAE to further advance the decades-long dream of creating a tolerant and cohesive society, open to people of different cultures and religions.


The UAE Team Emirates will gladly convey and spread the two messages that are well-suited to each other.