News | Team February 15, 2021

UAE Team Emirates join forces with A-I Company for 2021

Emirati team take steps to promote staff health

UAE Team Emirates and The Anti-Inflammaging Company join forces to fight chronic low-grade inflammation by promoting sport and health sciences, starting from athletes, to staff and sponsors, with the aim of helping the general population improve their lifestyle and habits.


This partnership focuses on the development and experimentation of a combination of science and artificial intelligence to combat chronic low-grade inflammation, the “silent” inflammation. The professional cycling team UAE Team Emirates, winner of the 2020 Tour de France and numerous other races, has announced collaboration with the A—I Company which began in 2020, in order to implement cutting-edge science and technological tools to aid athletes and staff, aimed at modifying everyday behaviour to prevent diseases and premature ageing, and ultimately living a healthier life.


“The co-development of health promotion in a range of different areas is the main priority in A—I Company’s vision. Our collaboration with the UAE cycling team and our willingness to transpose science to both athletes and staff is perfectly in line with our strategies” claims Fabio Cavalli, Founder & Chief Philanthropy Architect of A—I Company.


“Health and wellbeing are a social responsibility for all communities, large or small, as we have clearly understood during this pandemic,” says Mauro Gianetti, CEO UAE Team Emirates. “We are proud to be able to collaborate with our team athletes, but above all with our staff, a category of professionals which is subjected to a highly stressful work pace during competitions. At UAE Team Emirates we have always been very mindful of the health and good physical condition of our employees. This partnership is increasingly going in the direction we have already undertaken, but with a much stronger and specialised technical/scientific rate”.


“The A—I platform creates personalised suggestions tailored to each individual user, starting with the analysis of their daily habits. The collaboration with UAE Team will enable us to continue monitoring the team’s behaviours, scrutinising the data in order to be more and more effective in the process of strengthening the immune system and fighting silent inflammation” says Vera Cavalli, Co-founder of the A—I Company, Chief Diseases Officer and Emirates Managing Director.


The world’s most advanced health prevention system is becoming increasingly effective thanks to the growing convergence of science and technology. The combination of A-I-powered technology and a digital behavioural intelligence platform based on scientific input from top scientists from around the world, is opening many more pathways to the fight against chronic low-grade inflammation. Silent inflammation is the leading cause of death around the globe, however it can be tackled by changing people’s lifestyle, particularly through the combination of input coming from four main areas: nutrition, movement, ambient and cognition. By means of API technology, companies can integrate this crucial knowledge into tools and applications such as apps, cars, wearable and smart devices, helping to change millions of lives by providing an effective means of avoiding silent inflammation.