News | Sponsors January 14, 2019

UAE Team Emirates has a new supplier: X-Tech

We’ve signed a deal with the Italian company for technical undergarments, socks and accessories

For the 2019 season, UAE Team Emirates will be able to count on the support of X-Tech as their new supplier.
X-Tech, an Italian company founded in 1981, will supply the Emirati formation with their complete range of undershirts, along with socks for the official racing uniform. Team outfits will be completed with other useful items, like under-helmet caps and neck warmers.


Team Manager Matxin explained why the team chose to sign a deal with X-Tech: “Our team is always striving for excellence on every front: X-Tech has strengthened its reputation through innovation and quality, managing to meet the needs of riders who have to race in all types of weather.
Right from the very first training sessions using their products, our athletes noticed the difference in the attention to detail and the choice of materials used by our supplier, and now they are ready to wear X-Tech gear during races as well.”  


Samuele Ragnoli, owner of X-Tech: “It gives us a great sense of pride to partner with a team like UAE and we are going to do our best to develop products that perform increasingly better. Our research and development department is collaborating with the athletes and we are already working with specific methods to create new models that can guarantee optimal performance, even in the most extreme weather conditions.
This is the highest level of competition; outcomes will be contested on a razor’s edge and it has been proven that clothing can also have an important impact on performance. This is why we feel actively invested and we want to give our best to the guys who will be going out to battle on the front lines.”