News | Sponsors January 31, 2019

UAE Team Emirates will be using Walbike’s products

UAE Team Emirates has again chosen WalBike as their supplier of maintenance products for bikes and accessories

For the third year in a row, UAE Team Emirates will be using products from the WalBike company when it comes to cleaning, lubrification, maintenance and protection of their bikes and cycling accessories.


The official supplier to the Emirati formation will provide a wide range of innovative chemical formulas developed specifically in the WalBike laboratories.
These products will help the team mechanics in their daily care of the Colnago bikes. The riders will also be able to perfectly sanitize and clean their accessories like helmets, shoes and racing uniforms.


When considering renewing their collaboration, a major selling point was the added value provided by the eco friendliness of WalBike products, and the company’s active role in developing solutions suited to the specific needs of a top-level professional cycling team.