News | Team January 10, 2023

Allan Peiper to return to UAE with role of Race Analyst

New part-time role created for Australian

UAE Team Emirates is pleased to welcome Allan Peiper back into the team where he will fulfil a newly designed role.


Peiper, who formerly served as Sports Director will return with the role of ‘Race Analyst’ which will see him focus on technical elements, mainly collaborating with the sporting department to strategise and prepare material ahead of key races.


Mauro Gianetti (Team Principal & CEO) :

When Allan stopped for his health reasons I said there would always be a place for him and when he called me I was really happy to maintain that promise: not for the job but because he finally got back in good health, which is really the best news. In the meantime the team has grown but it is always a pleasure to have his experience and expertise close at hand.”

Allan Peiper : “Throughout the past year we’ve maintained in contact and I’m grateful to Mauro and the team for the opportunity to return.
It’s been great to see the team doing so well. I love this sport and the team so to be back involved is really good.
It’s going to be a less intensive role for sure, I’m not going to be in the car like before but I’ll be able to focus on some specific elements and offer feedback to the sporting department which can hopefully be beneficial on the road.”