Marco Marcato

Hometown: San Donà di Piave (Italy)

Date of birth: 11/02/1984

He’s one of the Italian riders who feels most at home in the Northern races, having spent five seasons on a Dutch team and another two riding for a Belgian formation.

Height 174 cm
Weight 66 kg
Debut on bike 1991
Pro since 2005
Victories 6
Giro d'Italia 4
Tour de France 5
Vuelta a Espana 2
World Tour ranking position 153
World Tour ranking points 75

He’s gone from roller-skating to bike riding. Marco was born in San Donà di Piave, in the Venetian province, an area where skating is very popular; so it’s no surprise that when he was a kid his mother signed him up for figure skating lessons. He became quite good, enough to participate in several competitions, but in the meantime he was also competing in bicycle races for kids, until he decided that he liked the larger wheels better.

He was very good in school and attended University for one year, before cycling became his full time job.

His parents own a small trattoria restaurant where they serve typical Venetian fare.

Stage Étoile de Bessèges: Bagnoles-sur-Cèze

Tour de Vendee

Stage Tour of Ireland: Dublin

Stage Vuelta al Chihuahua: Delicias

Stage Tour de Slovenie: Medvode