Manuele Mori

Hometown: Ponte a Egola (Italy)

Date of birth: 09/08/1980

For Manuele ("Morino") cycling is a family affair. His father, Primo, was a pro rider who won a stage in the '70 Tour, and Manuele’s older brother, Massimiliano, has also raced as a pro.

Height 172 cm
Weight 62 kg
Debut on bike 1986
Pro since 2004
Victories 1
Giro d'Italia 9
Tour de France 2
Vuelta a Espana 3
World Tour ranking position 270
World Tour ranking points 23

He isn technical assistant of UAE Team Emirates since 2020.

Mori clinched the only success of his career in the 2007 Japan Cup, a victory which made him a sports hero in Japan, where Manuele has his own fan clubs.

Many of his admirers study Italian just so they can talk to their idol.

He likes traveling, but he also loves spending free time with his wife and daughter in the lovely Tuscan hills near Pisa.

He is perhaps one of the riders who knows more than anyone about cycling statistics; ask him about the results of any cyclist and you will soon get a correct answer.