News | Team December 6, 2023

UAE Team Emirates Announce Net Zero Ambitions at COP28

Mauro Gianetti presents team's targets in Dubai

Today, UAE Team Emirates’ CEO and Team Principal, Mauro Gianetti, was invited to present at COP28 and used the platform to announce the team’s ambitious goal of reaching net-zero by 2030.


The announcement, which underscored the team’s dedication to leading the way in sustainable sports and contributing to a more environmentally conscious future, also highlighted its position as the first Professional Cycling Team to achieve Carbon Neutrality, an accomplishment achieved at the end of the 2023 season.


Gianetti, who was speaking on a panel at the FAB Pavilion said: “Since day one, our team’s mission has been about more than just winning bike races; we were created to become a vehicle for change. Along with the support from our partners, we have committed to driving positive social impact.


We’ve already realised this through a number of health and wellness initiatives that encourage, enable and advocate for cycling and now we will extend our remit by supporting the nation’s decarbonisation ambitions and implementing a comprehensive sustainability program aimed at achieving a net-zero carbon footprint by the end of 2030.”



The goal of UAE Team Emirates, to achieve net-zero, will see it reduce its greenhouse gas emissions year on year in an effort to help curb global climate change. The strategic plan involves a drastic reduction of CO2 across its entire value chain.


By integrating eco-friendly practices into its operations, such as optimising travel logistics, minimising waste, and adopting new energy efficient technologies, the organisation has committed to mitigating its environmental impact as well as actively engage in community initiatives promoting environmental awareness among fans of the team and sport.


The team has also appointed a Sustainability Manager, Valerio Accardo, to guide the project from inside the team and to oversee compliance with the targets set.
Valerio Accardo (Sustainability Manager) : “In addition to the team’s long-term ambitions, we also commissioned a third-party audit to better understand our current carbon footprint. Adopting the Financial Control Approach, the team was able to calculate both its Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the entire 2022 season, which totalled 224,980 CO2 TON.


Since identifying its annual carbon footprint, the team has taken steps to retrospectively mitigate these emissions by investing in a series of carbon neutral activations, partnerships and programs that are helping to avoid, reduce or remove GHGs from our atmosphere. Five international projects are underway, enabling UAE Team Emirates to obtain certification as a Carbon Neutral Company.”


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