Vegard Stake Laengen

国籍: 挪威

家乡: Oslo (Norway)

生日: 07/02/1989

You can’t help but notice Vegard Stake Laengen. At 195 cm tall, he is the 3rd tallest rider in the World Tour peloton (4 cm shorter than Walscheid and 3 cm smaller than Sieberg).

身高 195 cm
体重 79 kg
职业生涯首秀 2001
职业生涯始于 2009
胜利场次 6
Tour 5
Giro 2
Vuelta 2
UCI世界排名 104
UCI世界积分 145

He is the only cyclist on the team who has a twin, whose name is Øystein: the brothers are the same height, but they aren’t identical twins.

Lots of people usually ask about the correct composition of his name: Laengen is his surname, Vegard is his name and Stake is his mother’s surname, an element that sometimes completes a person’s entire name in Norway.

He’s gone from Norway to Nice, where he now lives and trains in a much milder climate than Scandinavia.

Norwegian championship

Stage Ronde de l’Oise: Point Sante Maxence
Stage Tour de Alsace: Markstein
Class. generale/Overall class. Tour de Alsace

Stage Tour de Beauce: Ville de Quebec

General class. Giro della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia